Amazon Secret Sales and Deals That You Should Know

You may have noticed that on certain days Amazon offers what they call “secret sales.” These are days when they offer extra discounts on certain items. They don’t tell you about these secret sales in advance. And they end really fast. One day you could have 20 or 30 items with huge discounts. The next day all the items are back to their regular prices.

Amazon has done this several times now, and it is starting to get a little annoying. It would be nice if they told us about these deals in advance so we could prepare for them. However, they don’t do that. Therefore, if you are in any way interested in saving some serious money on Amazon, here’s what you need to know about their secret sales and deals…

Amazon Secret Sales and Deals

Fashion Sale

Let’s start with the basics of the fashion sale. This is a sale that runs in June only for seven days, and what can you expect? Massive brands reductions tied to fashion which also includes accessories like luggage. There is a sales and deals page that caters to all of this. But just to give you the big headlines, there are offers like Kate Spade gives 40% off, and J.Crew gives 40% off. And just like that, many brands in this fashion sale will cater to all sorts of groups of people.

It is an unbelievable sale where you will get great offers on anniversary gifts, handbags, jewelry, watches, etc. If you can get past the fact that fashion just doesn’t simply mean runway and summer dresses, and this is a versatile sale where you can replace things like household clothing and decor items.


Prime Day

As you know, Prime Day has happened every year since it’s been conceived in July, and there’s no specific date given right now. But if it didn’t happen in July, there would be some semblance of Prime Day, and it will be during the holiday quarter, which is actually better for all of us.

This July sale is exciting, but it’s not tied to any holiday other than Amazon’s own self-celebration. And, you will get discounts on all of the products, which is pretty awesome.


Today’s Deals Tab

A lot of people just simply go to Amazon, and they go to the Today’s Deals tab. And we want to show you one very important thing, when you are going through Amazon, make sure that the “missed box” on the left sidebar is not checked. You do not need to be wasting your time looking at sales and deals that you’ve missed. But Amazon, for whatever reason, prechecks this box. So you want to get rid of that first, and that will actually give you a much better shopping result.


Lightning Deal

A Lightning Deal is a time deal that doesn’t run for the full day. They’ve got different intervals that run over the course of a day. So while you are shopping this event, and you’re going to notice that some deals have three minutes left on them, and they’re only 7% claimed. And then there are other deals on here that have a longer duration but a higher claim rate, and so on.

So it’s a good category. If you are a Prime member, there is a Prime Early Access advantage that many of you will have, which is great. You will see the Prime members get 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals. If you’re not a Prime member, there’s a free 30-day trial. You can find it on Amazon and use that free 30-day trial to grab your advantage.



This sales page has thousands of discounted and overstock items. It’s kind of like the equivalent of shopping the discount bins at Costco or Sam’s Club or BJ’s, and you’re going to find all sorts of clearance deals and great categories.

But there is one category you don’t waste a lot of time on: the under $10 category. A lot of deals in the under $10 category are not always under $10; you’re gonna see some inadvertent miscategorizations.


Coupon Section

The Coupon section will always default to the most popular coupons. And just because it’s popular for someone else doesn’t mean it’s actually what you want. Before you ever buy a product on Amazon, please check the respective category. If you look in the electronics section, you’re going to see that there’s 10%, 20%, or like you could save an additional $10 on some products.


Warehouse Deals

In Warehouse deals, there are quality products that have been used and renewed. They’ve gone through an inspection process, and they have a 90-day return attached to them with Amazon’s Renewed Guarantee.

When you are shopping the Amazon Warehouse deals, keep an eye out for the Amazon Renewed section that is generally not populated with coupons. The Amazon Renewed section also has great deals on smartphones that are unlocked and ready to work with any carrier.


Woot Page

If you guys don’t remember, Woot was an independent daily deal website established a long time ago where there’d be different deals of the day and the clock attached to it. Amazon purchased Woot, and there are now all sorts of great deals on both new and refurbished products. The new products also have some great discounts tied to them.

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We hope this article helped you get some insights about the very best secret sales and deals on Amazon. These Amazon secret sales and deals will definitely save some amount of money on your next purchases. So keep in mind these secrets while you shop next time on Amazon.

Have a great shopping…



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