Amazon Shopping Secrets That You Should Know

Do you really want to be an Amazon shopper? Do you spend hours on Amazon just browsing the catalog? If so, we want to help you find the best deals for products like books, movies, music, games, fashion, and electronics that will make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Amazon is also one of the best places to get products at rock bottom prices. If you are tired of spending so much time on Amazon, then maybe it is time for you to look at a different way to do things.

In this article, we are going to give you some secrets to finding the best deals on Amazon. So if you want to start saving money today by shopping Amazon, then read on…

amazon shopping secrets

Amazon Outlet Section

The Amazon Outlet section brings you many products that are equivalent to lightning deals. There is no time limit, so you have the entire day or a couple of days to actually browse through this section and find bargains that are worth it to you.

Within the Amazon Outlet section, don’t waste your time clicking on Best Sellers, where you will find absolutely no discounts and random items. But, if you are looking at things like the overstock deals or even the electronics, you’ll see accessory deals as low as 40% off.


Warehouse Section

Amazon has a warehouse section and in the past, simply typing in amazon.com/warehouse would have taken you to this page. There is now no such website address. So click here to visit the warehouse section.

The newly revamped warehouse section of Amazon.com is particularly strong on electronics. Things like laptops and cell phones are available at huge discounts and give you 30 days to try the device. If you don’t like it or it’s not in good condition, you can just send it back to Amazon, where they cover all of the return shipping.


Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon has launched something called Amazon Pharmacy. It’s available in most states, and just as your doctor would send a prescription to a pharmacy, Amazon will now act as that pharmacy and actually accept prescriptions for your medication.

So if your insurance or your copay will not cover the cost of your prescription, and you are a Prime member, Amazon will give you that free two-day delivery and give you additional savings or incentives.

If you are paying with insurance, you get to see the full breakdown of the pricing before you commit. So you will get that transparency upfront, and you can actually decide whether you’re actually going to proceed with Amazon.


Amazon Trade-in Program

The Amazon trade-in program has also been revamped and now has some bonuses. So let’s say you buy an Amazon product like a ring security system, or a tablet or an echo device, or a Kindle e-reader, you not only get 20% off, but you also score an Amazon gift card bonus which ranges somewhere between $30 and $90 depending on the value of what you’re trading in.

If you do have a smartphone that is not purchased through Amazon, you can also use their trade-in program. Alternatively, if you do want to bring a physical device into a store, Amazon now offers physical retail spaces at different locations around the country. So you could bring an item and find out what it’s worth before you commit to sending something in via a prepaid label.


Prime Membership

Suppose Amazon misses its guaranteed free two-day delivery window. In that case, you can contact customer service, and they’ll give you a one-month extension on your Amazon Prime membership or a $10 credit. That was active in 2019. It was available for parts of 2020. Amazon customer service is not nearly as generous in years past with a Prime membership extension, and It’s very rare to see your Prime membership extended these days. But you can try your luck.


Students Prime Membership

Amazon offers discounts to those who have Students Prime membership. You generally are paying half of what someone else would be paying. But now, Amazon is offering six months of Amazon Prime for free as part of a sprint sponsorship and, on top of that, a half-price offer in the months that follow.

So if you have just one student in your household, you could all potentially use that student membership for your whole house. You do need a student or a .edu address, and there are very quick ways to get approved.


Amazon Teen

Amazon Teen allows teens the freedom to shop through the Amazon account, but the parent have the ability via text to approve or deny whatever it is they are buying.



There are two types of coupons available on Amazon. There are bogus promotional coupons and then manufacturer coupons. You could use a manufacturer’s coupon at a physical brick-and-mortar retailer. But for products like robot vac, where you get an extra $20 off if you apply the coupon, this is actually something the merchant is paying for, and it’s being presented to you.

You click it, and you’re more likely to buy it because you think you came across something awesome. What’s actually happening is brands are adjusting the available price and the coupon price every day. So today, you’ll see a list price of $29.99 and a $4 coupon. Three days ago, this was just being sold for $25.99.

So these coupons that appear to subsidize your purchase they’re not manufacturer coupons. They’re basically just promotional items.


When you are searching for a deal or product on Amazon like a 16 GB of ram laptop. And at the very top of the page, you might think that these are, in fact, 16 GB of ram laptops that Amazon has displayed to you. But if you look very closely at the bottom right-hand side, you will see it’s sponsored.

That simply means that Amazon has an advertising relationship with a specific brand. So don’t fall for the whole sponsored thing at the top of the page.



The Prime has upped the number of rewards you can get as a Prime member when you are reloading gift card balances. So if you’re an Amazon Prime member and you are reloading your Amazon store balance with a designated debit card, you will score a 2% bonus on every reload. This reward does add up quickly on a gift card balance.

Also, there’s an Amazon Prime store card that will give you 5% back on Amazon.com, Amazon Fresh, Audible, and there is absolutely no annual fee tied to this.

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We hope you have enjoyed this article as an amazon shopper looking for super-effective secrets and techniques to save some money. So, please remember these Amazon shopping secrets when you shop in the future.

Have a good day…

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