11 New Benefits of Amazon Prime That You Should Know

Amazon Prime is the most elite club in the entire world of online shopping. There are several reasons why members enjoy so many benefits. One of those benefits is the free 2-hour delivery. However, there are at least 10 other reasons you should consider becoming a member of this elite group. Here are 11 of the new benefits you will receive as a member of Amazon Prime.

Benefits of Amazon Prime

Smartphone Plan Savings

This year, you can now get an additional 10% back in terms of your savings if you’re a Prime member and you do take advantage of one of these new offers, which rotate on a regular basis for unlimited talk and text Smartphone plans for as little as $20 per month, all in. Check if the plan advantages you have with your current carrier are actually something that you are using.

In addition to the all-inclusive plan savings, you do get that additional 10% back as a credit each month. There are no credit checks, no forms to fill out. So you can be bundled with some Smartphone deals, you will be happy, or at least hopefully a little bit happier when it comes to your Smartphone provider.


Two Hour Delivery

If you are a Prime member, Whole Foods is now included in the free two-hour delivery window on Amazon. You can take advantage of that.


Prime Rewards Credit Card

If you do have the Amazon Prime credit card and you do use that to complete your purchase, you’re going to get an additional 10% back. And sometimes that percentage will be 15% depending upon your products.


Multiple Platforms

Your Prime membership actually benefits you on multiple platforms, not just Amazon.com. Free shipping and free returns are not only a part of your Amazon Prime membership; if you’re shopping on Shopbop, woot.com, East Dane, etc., you will get free three-day shipping and free returns if you’re an Amazon Prime member.


Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh previously cost $15 per month. It lets you skip the long grocery lines by shopping online and picking a delivery window that’s convenient for you. Paying $15 per month just to use a grocery service that was really bad; now they included this service in the Prime membership program.


Amazon’s Reads Program

Amazon has launched Amazon’s First Reads program for this year. And Prime members can choose one free Kindle book each month, which is an incredible perk. The savings add up quickly. Many of these books are $4.99 or $9.99. So just for being a Prime member, you can get a free editor’s choice, trending or highly popular award-winning book for free. Also, note that the Amazon original stories, their new short reads, are also free now with Prime.



Prime members will receive a four-month print magazine subscription for 99 cents. This is great for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a stocking stuffer, an anniversary, if you’re feeling really cheap.


Television Networks Freebies

It is a great way to save on your favorite television networks and, in particular, a 30-day freebie everyone should know about. And you can use the streaming benefit tied to your Prime membership. Your Prime membership gives you access to more than a half-million award-winning movies and TV shows through Prime video, which is a competitor to Netflix.

But it’s important to note that you can subscribe independently to your favorite television networks through Prime, bypassing your cable or satellite provider. Particularly good if you’ve cut the cord. But that’s not the freebie. Amazon actually gives you access to extra networks completely for free. Such as Sundance, MGM, Brit box, nick+, and many more subscription is actually included with Prime membership, so technically, you get 30 days free subscription for free.


Prime Gaming

Most of you are aware; Amazon owns Twitch, the gaming, streaming, social media like network,
But anyhow, they’ve rebranded many of its gaming freebies tied to Twitch. And it’s now part of this new umbrella called Prime Gaming. As a Prime member, you get one free digital game per month, and you also have access to what they call Loot.

This is not a perk that’s automatically activated on your Prime membership. So you do need to actually go into Prime Gaming. If you have a Twitch account, you can link them, which is fantastic, but you do need to activate Prime Gaming to score that one free game per month.


Prime Member Deal Page

The next main benefit is an exclusive landing page of deals for Prime members. And a lot of people don’t actually know that there is a Prime member deal page where you can find all of the top offers dedicated to Prime members. This is great for Prime early access deals on occasions like Prime day, black Friday, or cyber Monday, where you could easily save 40% before anyone else. And many of those deals do expire in a matter of seconds before they hit the general public.


Student’s Benefits

If you are a student, you get a free six-month membership. But what you might not be aware of, there are two perks tied to being a student. All you need is a .edu address. The first perk for students is you can actually score an entire year of Showtime for 99 cents. That’s greats. On Amazon Music Unlimited, you could score that for 99 cents a month.


If you are not a member of the Amazon Prime program, it might be time to change your mind. It costs only $119 /year, and there are plenty of reasons why you should sign up.

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