10 Dollar Tree Shopping Secrets to Save Money

Have you ever gone dollar tree shopping and been absolutely shocked at how much you spent? Have you noticed that almost all the “shoppers” on TV hit the store only to come home with a bunch of stuff they didn’t really need? That’s because when it comes to bargain hunting, most people are like “Dolly Partons.” They look for the bare necessities and forget about the frills.

But there are secrets that can turn a shopping trip into a trip that will leave you with an enormous amount of money in your pocket. And the best part is… it costs nothing to learn this amazing secret.

So if you want to get the benefits of this secret, all you have to do is read our article.

Dollar Tree Shopping Secrets

Bonus Buys

Many of us know that if you go to a Dollar Tree store and buy something that would be like shampoo, conditioner, or moisturizer, you’re getting a great price. But it’s often a much smaller quantity than what you would find from another retail store. So, in essence, if you actually compare the ounces per dollar, you’re not doing good.

If you did not know, there is a very special section of the Dollar Tree website called Bonus Buys. And the exact same products you will find there. But it’s actually at the size you should be getting at a Costco, an Amazon, or a Walmart. The Bonus Buy section gives you a wide range of products you would otherwise be overpaying for at the size they should be.


$1 Steaks

All Dollar Tree stores are not the same. In fact, some have a freezer section, some have more extensive food and things like $1 steaks. Now, would you consume a Dollar Tree steak? We won’t say it was the most perfect piece of filet.


Closeout and Liquidation Page

There’s a central liquidation section for all Dollar Tree stores. Sometimes you will find awesome deals in this Dollar Tree clearance section, or there was an extra sale at a different Dollar Tree store.

So, there will be different offers at different stores, and they’re actually all amalgamated with a special online section called Closeouts. And the closeout and liquidation page is very aggressive. And this includes the best of the best deals and some really well-picked well-reviewed items.



The vitamin section is really lacking. And we strongly urge you guys not to make your way to buy vitamins and supplements at the Dollar Tree store. The CVS and Walgreens branded vitamins are awesome. They’re just aggressively discounted to the extent the Dollar Tree products are. And you’re getting a much higher grade nutrient.


Money Back

You can actually get additional money back on many of the purchases you make at a dollar store. If you are aware, you can scan your receipts, earn points, and get rewards for major product lines that are carried at Dollar Tree stores. This is a way to save additional money.


Back to School Supplies

The back-to-school supplies are being aggressively marketed at Dollar Tree, and many of the vloggers and YouTubers, just blindly telling people to go run to the school supply section at the Dollar Tree store. But, not everything at the store is a good purchase. Some of the products they have are just amazing but not on every single item on the school supplies.


Children’s Toys

This is an important reminder for parents. And this actually comes from Cheat Sheet. They did a whole breakdown and found the children’s toys could contain harmful chemicals.

Also, there are some toy brands that we’ve never heard of and some products that are very reminiscent of other items that were recalled from major retailers. So it is definitely something to keep in mind when you are shopping at Dollar Tree.


Bulk Orders

A lot of people believe if you’re shopping at a Dollar Tree store, it’s for non-bulk-related purchases. If you are looking to buy many of the products, you believe that you just are limited to what’s on the store shelf. But, online, you can actually bulk buy many of the items in the store. And you can ship them to your local Dollar Tree store.


Smaller Quantities

For savings secret number nine, you do not need to be held hostage to the quantities that Dollar Tree wants you to buy. Sometimes they’ve got a minimum or a limited quantity to buy in the store. But, this cool section of Dollar Tree online that a lot of people don’t know exists.

On the shop by department list, scroll all the way down to smaller quantities. You have the ability to actually go through all of the categories in the specific store, including the crafting supplies. So, rather than buy an entire case or a huge level of quantities, you can actually search through categories.

And many of these have huge discounts, from home accents to crafting supplies, where you get specifically what you want. Maybe you just need one wine glass, and you do not need to buy any specific quantity if you know that this section exists for the Dollar Tree store online.


Manufacturer Coupons

The final shopping secret is that Dollar Tree accepts manufacturer coupons. A lot of people were just completely unaware that they accept manufacturer coupons. But they do not accept retail-specific coupons.

So, you can actually go in with a coupon and further reduce the price of something at a Dollar Tree store. Please keep that in mind.

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When you’re ready to save money, you need to shop at Dollar Tree, and we have shared the best deals and tricks that you should know. So remember these Dollar Tree secrets and shop smart.

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