Holiday Shopping Secrets to Save Money

Holiday shopping can be stressful.  Deals are great but so are the secrets our local shops don’t want you to know. If you know these tricks, you can save your money on your holiday shopping.

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Buy Before Holidays

Are you planning to buy a product before Christmas and you can’t find that product online at that delivery time you like, you might want to consider the offline store. Because after Christmas, the product rate may increase significantly online as well as offline. So consider buying a product before the holidays.


Deals Will Repeat Frequently

Retails are not only more desperate than ever, but there are so-called incredible sales that are actually repeating every two to three weeks. For example, you can find buy one get one offer throughout the month rather than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you do feel like you’ve missed out on a great deal, on cyber Monday or Black Friday, it just keeps repeating every other day. So don’t worry.


Avoid Long Extended Warranty (3 To 5 Years)

You can find many products with long extended warranty offers on holidays for some extra dollars.  Please avoid long, extended warranty and replacement plans. For example, you are buying a  phone on black Friday, and normally the brand gives you a one or two-year warranty and replacement; as we all know, new models come to the market every year, so your phone might get outdated quickly. So avoid long extended long warranty (3 to 5years) unless you need it. This is the same case for almost all products.

Secondly, a lot of companies that make products and appliances are also going under an economical crisis. If you have extended plan options beyond a year or two, we think it might be worth looking at the brand that you are buying. Maybe it will be difficult to get your product serviced after the purchase.


Price Match Guarantees

Price match guarantees, many of which are new, that you should be taking advantage of. Retailers, even like Target, you might not be aware of just how aggressive their price match guarantee is when you’re shopping. They price match with Amazon, New Egg, Best Buy. So you can actually create a war of savings against retailers in terms of whose price match guarantee you want to follow.

Target was a good example because not a lot of people realize that they’ve really added to their competitor list.


Check The Deal Expire Dates

Every offer and vouchers have an expiration date; you should check the expiration date to take maximum advantage of the purchase .let’s take Kohl’s as an example, Sometimes buying something that’s not on the deal, but using bonus points or Kohl’s cash will actually get you a better deal than when that item is offered on sale. So check the expiration date. Stores are not great about reaching out to you to let YOU KNOW that your offers are about to expire. They’d rather it be in their pocket than yours.


Late Holiday Delivery

Some types of paid membership programs offer you fast &free delivery. And if they can’t deliver the item on time, do not tolerate that. But for example, if you are a Prime Member and that does guarantee you free two-day delivery, whether it’s a membership club or Amazon Prime where they tell you, “Oh, well, it’s running late,” you have no responsibility to tolerate late deliveries, specifically if it’s something on the distribution end.

If a delivery is late and you’ve been guaranteed a shipping turnaround time, use customer service, contact that retailer, and tell them under no circumstances are you paying for your prime membership or whatever a membership is that you have for that month. They will refund you nine out of 10 times if shipping delays that are on the merchant’s part. So please keep that in mind. You shouldn’t be paying for a service you’re not receiving.


Clearance Sale After Holidays

If you wait until, after a holiday such as Christmas or whatever, a lot of people have just simply opened a box to a product and decided nope, they don’t want it, and they’re going to return it. They haven’t used it. They haven’t touched it. It’s not a refurbished item. It’s literally a box that was opened, and someone decided they didn’t want what they were gifted. They bring it back to Best Buy or Amazon, which spells savings of up to 70%, depending on what section and what product you look for.

If there is a product or an item that you want to treat yourself to, the Best Buy outlet deal section is incredible. And there are some lesser-known sections of Amazon where not only do they have renewed products, but they’re all pre-inspected. They’ve got extended warranties on them of 90 days versus 30 days. And it’s tied to all of the major brands. So, again, sometimes shopping for yourself after Christmas will get you the perfect gift on a dime.


Beauty Products

A lot of people know the Dollar Tree is great when it comes to beauty products; they’re a major seller, not just in terms of stocking stuffers, but people trying to look great for their holiday parties or virtual holiday parties. The Dollar Tree carries name-brand beauty products that are far less expensive here versus CVS and Walgreens and Rite Aid, and many of those online flash beauty sales.



Your best turkey, holiday ham, and Christmas dinner offerings are actually available at your local grocery store. No matter what grocery store you go to, they’ve got renegotiated relationships that are long-standing with butchers and distributors tied into this holiday. And a lot of these online companies or start-ups or super cool things you saw advertised on Instagram don’t have the strength of those relationships.

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Many best deals will always come right before the holiday week. Two weeks before the holidays are not the best time to go. So keep in mind.

We hope you found this valuable. We really value your time. Again, if you could, please share this article with your friends and family.

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