10 Ways Costco Gets You to Spend More Money

Costco is the biggest wholesale club in the world. They offer low-cost, high-quality, big-name brands like Gillette, Kraft, McCormick, and many others. They also feature a massive online shopping experience where you can buy all sorts of items at discount prices and get free shipping on most orders.

Have you ever wondered how the people at Costco get you to spend so much more than you would at other stores? Well, it’s quite simple; they AID you! Every time you visit a Costco store, you will find a huge variety of merchandise. They even offer an exclusive “club” savings program that lets you spend more at Costco.

Here we are going to tell you how Costco gets you to spend more money.

costco shopping secrets

Keep away from Center of Store

Most expensive products are usually in the middle of the store. The most enticing purchases are found in the aisles; the more expensive item is typically placed next to the clearance item. They often have the same display fixtures and end caps, so be very careful when you go to Costco. You’ll find dazzling bargains all throughout the store, but those great deals are usually located near the full-priced items.

For example, a TV at a huge reduction is always placed side by side with HDMI cables and other peripherals, which are very expensive.


Manufacturer’s Coupons

Costco manufacturers do not accept coupons. They give you many other types of discounts and some great member services, discounts, and member newsletters, but not the manufacturer’s coupons, which means you spend significantly more on non-Kirkland products.


Warehouse Atmosphere

Costco will make you spend more money based on that whole warehouse atmosphere. Fluorescent lamps, warehouse shelves, the way the goods are stacked, you get this wholesale feel. There are many ways people try to justify that experience, but you feel like you are shopping in a warehouse.

Costco is a great physical retailer, similar to an Ikea store, and you have the condition to believe that you are getting everything cheaper. Costco will build it by placing some items on the store shelves that are not actually at all warehouse prices, so keep that in mind.


Free Samples

Costco’s free food samples and snacks are very clever because they’re designed to get you into the store, so you’ll spend more in the store. This is a great idea on their part because it’s a way to raise your perceived value and create an awareness of the value they are offering you. This is another good reason why they exist.


Pay Money for Household Items

Buy household things such as toilet paper, dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, paper towels, diapers, batteries, light bulbs. These items are great buys at Costco. Not only do you get more for your money, but you can also stock up for a group of four or more people at the same time, which will eliminate the need for frequent trips to the store.

And since they don’t “expire” like other items you might buy once a month or so, you can use them over and over without having to constantly replace them.


Installation Services

Costco will make you spend more money is home installation services. They know they’ll get you these cheap home appliances and these incredible deals attached to your home. Still, when you install it professionally and go through the delivery and setup of many of these products that you need help with, you inevitably pay more to them. In this way, Costco will make you spend more money.


Read Price Tags

Price tags are generally hard to read. Make sure you know how to read price tags. You usually pay the list price when you see something that is at least 99. If their price is at 97, which means it is at a lower price, that’s what you should buy.

If the deal is at 99 and the price ends at 99 cents, the product likely enters into a clearance phase or some other type of deal sooner. So keep that in mind when you shop.


Costco Adopts Human Psychology

If you see a grill advertising there in the winter, people will buy it because we think it is an off-season discount. In most cases, there is no such thing. The best time to buy a deal is when everyone else is buying it because promotions and incentives start then.

The same goes for back-to-school shopping. It is best in late July and early August. If you try to buy your back-to-school supplies in December, there will only be a few promotions and a few products.

Costco knows about it because a lot of outdoor and power tools are expected to be removed by the end of September. Costco is not the only one trying to clear the stock. This is because they do not want you to find out their roadmap and their plan. So just keep that in mind.


Return Policy

One of the ways Costco will force you to spend more money is with a very generous return policy. If you are unhappy, you can cancel your membership and get a refund of your membership fee at any time.

Studies have shown that the average consumer is 10 times more likely to buy from a store with such a return policy. Daily deal sites and one deal a day sale type websites have the worst return policies. And they have no recurring customers. Now, of course, this is a way for you to spend more money.


Cheap Price

The generic Kirkland brand provides an excellent value and offers a very high-quality alternative to the more expensive name brands. Kirkland products include mac ‘n cheese, dog food, batteries, toilet paper, baby wipes, coffee, and beer.

Stores understand that we will compare prices using apps and small search engine extensions to compare prices. Therefore, Costco will deliberately order quantities for stores of specific brand name products, where you cannot quickly compare the price of one unit from one unit to the next.

You really need to do your math; not everyone is shopping with a calculator, so keep that in mind when you shop, Costco finds their numbers, they understand how the world works, and they want you to stay there without researching your purchases in advance.

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These are the 10 hints that can help you get a good deal on your next trip to Costco, but they are hard to follow due to the fact that there are spending traps set up around the distribution center. They need to continue to operate because they are a retailer and not a charity.

Some of the tricks and methods used by other retailers are what they apply to. Don’t forget to shop practically and save money on your next shopping trip.

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