How to Get the Best Deals While Shopping Online

Have you ever wondered how people who buy things online manage to get the best deals? After all, it seems like everything is priced high. Well, in this issue, we are going to reveal to you ten secrets that will put an end to that confusion.

A lot of people wonder about this. They see all those ads with amazing bargains and think to themselves, “I could buy that for less by simply going to an offline store.” And they wonder why the ads don’t work. It’s because most people who run those types of promotions are selling garbage or have no idea what they are doing.

In this article, we are going to give you simple tips that will guarantee you get the lowest price on whatever it is you are buying. This doesn’t mean you will always get the absolute lowest price. But, what it does mean is, you will get the lowest price available in the current online marketplace.

How to Get the Best Deals While Shopping Online

Use a Coupon Code

The online deals that you may find on the Internet are usually more expensive, and if you use a coupon code, you can actually save a lot of money. You may have heard of websites like Groupon and Living Social. They are sites that post coupons and daily & weekly deals. Most of these deals are available free of cost. And, these sites can help you save money when you shop online.


Go to the computer or laptop to buy your products

The prices on the smartphones are often higher. Especially if you use smartphones of a certain noble brand, you should expect to be classified as the owner of a rather loose wallet. Then the expensive offers appear higher up.

Also, you can only see fewer offers at a glance on mobile devices with their small screens. That makes the price comparison and the search more tedious.


Price Matching

Stores like Kohl’s, Target, and Walmart all participate in price matching. If you happen to find a better deal somewhere else, simply tell the first merchant who will match the price. They’ll appreciate you letting them know, and it might even lead to a mutually beneficial relationship down the road.


Track Price Drops and Sales

Apps like Lyst and PriceBlink are great for savvy shoppers. They allow you to enter information about an item and then receive alerts whenever the price of that item goes down. This gives you the opportunity to buy it at a lower price before someone else does.


Use the incognito or private mode in your browser for online shopping

This means that retailers cannot understand which products and offers you have already looked at before. It is best to use a freshly installed second browser or a cleaned one. Then there are fewer cookies at work or no cookies at all, which can lead to adapted digital price tags.


Order during the week rather than on the weekend

It is always better to do shopping in the morning than in the evening. Because if you get there early, you often get a better price. However, this usually only applies to products or services that can still be canceled or returned, such as rental cars and hotel bookings or almost all goods from online retailers. It is, therefore, often worthwhile to make a second price comparison at a different time.


Do not go directly to the provider website

Ideally, you should first search for the product on a comparison portal and then let yourself be directed to the portal of your choice. Because this way you will be assessed as more price-conscious and there is a high probability that you will get better offers. In addition, some portals negotiate exclusive special offers with the providers.


Do not log into the account until later

As soon as you have logged into your account in your online shop, you are transparent to the retailer. The retailer already knows your preferences and may know that you would like to use higher quality, more expensive products. Therefore, it is best to log into the shop at the end before you go to the checkout.


Use IP addresses from other areas

The IP address assigned by your provider can be seen as a kind of web house number that contains information about your location. So if you come from a more affluent area, you may be able to pay a higher price. Rely on a so-called  VPN service to bypass this type of dynamic pricing. With VPN, you can pretend that you are from another place. Alternatively, you can disguise your IP address.


Don’t go with the trend

Don’t be fooled by the current trend. If you do, you’re sure to end up paying more than you should. The best way to avoid this is to wait for the market to cool off a bit before buying. Also, don’t let yourself get swayed by the current hype about a certain product or service. The reality is that the price will likely go down over time. When you buy, you’re actually buying a ticket to higher prices.

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Shopping online gives you more flexibility and choice, and it’s a great way to find some amazing deals. But you have to be a smart shopper. You need to do your research before you head off to the stores and be aware of the different types of websites that you’re visiting. This way, you’ll know how to make the most of your shopping experience and get the best online deals.

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