10 Biggest Mistakes That You will Make at Walmart

Sometimes, we make huge mistakes when shopping. These mistakes can be costly or more time-consuming. So, if you are in the habit of making these 10 huge mistakes, it can be very hard to break this bad habit. And, this article teaches you how to make smarter shopping decisions so that you don’t end up in an empty wallet.

So if you want to start saving money and getting great deals on stuff, then read on…

mistakes that you will make at walmart

Check the Boxes Before You Buy

The first and biggest mistake you could make at Walmart is when you shop for small appliances. Because they usually mishandle those boxes in all stores. And, you believe that they have the best price on the exact product that you’re looking for. But, the same product at the exact same price is available on Amazon or Best Buy.

So, we would suggest triple-checking the entire box before you throw it in the cart. You might also want to make sure you didn’t drop it on the way to the car or on the way to your home. When you check out online, some of us also assume the damage to the product occurred during transit. And so, we blame FedEx or UPS or USPS. But it might not be true.

So, you should better select the ship to store option and check the boxes for any damages before you bring it home.


Return Products at Store

The second biggest error that you will make is associated with the return policy of Walmart. This issue could happen if the item you’re returning was damaged on the shelf of the store that you accidentally bought without checking the box. In that case, Walmart’s return policy is not a simple one.

For this, you might need to wait at the counter of customer service. But, what you might not know is that they have these amazing kiosks that help with an immediate return. So, there is no need to worry about a customer service agent ever again.

If you purchase the product online or at the store, you can generate a QR code with your mobile phone and return the item to the store. No need to deal with customer service or no lining. There’s also the option of returning via mailing, and that’s definitely an alternative.


Check Online Store

People assume that Walmart has great deals on their store, which is the third biggest mistake you make at Walmart. If you are looking for a laptop, almost all of the laptops that are being advertised in the local stores are out of stock. But, there will be plenty of stock online, and that many of the online prices will be lower.

So, don’t be discouraged by those awesome deals you see in store. Sometimes there are 10 to 20% off online, and the retail associates on the storefront have no idea that there are many other deals out there.


Products Behind the Glass

A lot of us run to these large open displays when Walmart advertises a product or clearance, and we think it’s the last chance, which is the fourth biggest mistake. We tend to stay away from the products behind the glass door.

A lot of the products behind glass are completely undamaged and no one needs them. The prices on these products are the same as what you would find in other places. They’re not expensive products, but they’re just products that are frequently stolen or shoplifted.

Just because it’s behind glass doesn’t mean it’s expensive; it doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. It’s very similar to what drugstores like Walgreens and Rite Aid will do. Many of their easily shoplifted products are behind glass.


Price Tag

The lowest price you are going to see is the products that have a price that ends in zero or a one. It will be the final markdown, and it’s the best time to buy it. If you see something on clearance that ends in five-five like $3.55, and it’s the first markdown. There is a chance that an item could be marked down more than once. So, it’s not worth your time, and if you hold off a little, you can see ample stock of that product.



If you’re shopping at Walmart.com, you may not actually be purchasing the product you’re shopping for. Walmart is a marketplace similar to eBay and Amazon, where other third-party retailers can sell their products.

If it becomes confusing to you when you are shopping, just make sure that you scroll all the way down to where the retailer box appears on the left. Then you should check walmart.com to make sure you are protected from other retailers.


Do not Buy Seasonal Items Early

The first thing to keep in mind is that when you are at your local store and see a reduction tied to a specific product, you should wait one or two weeks, and you’re going to do a lot better. So, do not buy seasonal items early.

And with that being said, the exact same products are available for significantly less at your Family Dollar store or Dollar Tree. And if you actually look at what’s being reduced, the same reductions occur at both stores with two weeks apart separating them. So if you see something at Walmart, please crosscheck with your Family Dollar or Dollar Tree store.


Produce Section

The eighth biggest mistake that people have made at Walmart is completely avoiding the produce. We know that the produce has a terrible reputation, and many of you would not buy meat at a local Walmart. And we totally support you with everything that you’ve found.

But, now you will find that everything is starting to look better than it ever has for the larger bulk offerings, with regards to fruit and vegetables.


Major Brands

The ninth biggest mistake that people make at Walmart is misunderstanding Walmart’s relationship with major brands. So, let’s first start with toys; when you go through a toy aisle at Walmart, and it is not only some of the lowest prices you will ever see.

But don’t confuse them for the Dollar Tree or Dollar General, where toys are something I would avoid at all cost. The toys at Dollar stores generally don’t go through the same process of checks to ensure that toys are safe.

Walmart has great relationships with most of the major brands, including Hasbro and Marvel. With regards to other brands like Kleenex, Walmart actually has one of the most sought-after aggressive and dependable relationships. Kleenex will always be the cheapest at Walmart over many of the off-name brands.


Clearance Sale

If you are shopping online, just type in clearance in the search bar. And you’re going to be taken

directly to an area of deals that are at their lowest prices. And you can search 10 to $20, 20 to $30 using the side filter. And really, some of these deals are tremendous once you get all the parameters and filters.

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These are the 10 most frequent mistakes that shoppers make at Walmart. But if you’ve seen other mistakes, or if there are other things that you love or hate about Walmart, please feel free to share in the below comment section.

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