10 Crazy Shopping Secrets for Walgreens and CVS

Do you know any secrets about the great drugstore chains like Walgreens and CVS? Walgreens and CVS are the two largest drugstores in America. They are, by far, the most convenient places to get your health and beauty needs.

If you are a regular CVS or Walgreens customer and you are missing out on huge opportunities to save money.

So, today, we are going to share the 10 crazy insider coupon secrets for Walgreens and CVS.

Shopping Secrets for Walgreens and CVS

Check the Websites

There are often better deals online than there are in-store. Do you actually go to cvs.com? When was the last time you actually went online to a Walgreens or a CVS website? So, visit their website, and there are many deals that are not available in store. Buy one get one, 50% off, and shipping free with the CarePass from CVS, which are great deals.

And same with Walgreens, that there are better deals in many cases online. For example, 20% off if you spend $80 at CVS with a savings code, 50% off when you spend $100 or more at Walgreens, etc. That’s not something advertised in stores. So, the savings secret number one is to check the websites.


Don’t Buy Too Many Products at a Time

The secret number two is don’t buy too many products from the same category in one shot at CVS or Walgreens. This is because CVS and Walgreens develop profiles based on you. They figure out your habits, where you spend your money, and then they try to entice you with different offers.

For example, if you buy shaving cream many times at the checkout, you will eventually get personalized coupons for a razor blade. It’s based on habits in many cases.

So use the trick like if you’re going to need toothbrushes, and you also need toothpaste. And, today, buy the toothpaste. Wait, you will likely get a coupon for that toothbrush.


Rewards Club

Now, you will get a lot of rewards when you sign up for the entire Rewards Club, not just one part of it. You should sign up for one reward card at CVS or Walgreens, and then you will get everything rewarded based on your spending.

For CVS, make sure you get the ExrtaCare card; that’s the base card. This rewards you based on your regular spending in the store, with the exclusion of beauty and pharmacy products for the most part.

The ExtraCare Beauty Club rewards you based on your spending for beauty products. This includes makeup, certain types of moisturizers, etc. You get 10% off when you join right now, plus $3 in ExtraBuck Rewards every time you spend $30. Plus, you will get birthday gifts and other discounts. And finally, there is ExtraCare Pharmacy and Health Rewards. Make sure you sign up for all three.

At Walgreens, it’s a little more simple. Sign up for the Balance Rewards. This is a rewards program based on your spending. The Walgreens Balance Rewards program will entitle you to what Walgreens calls Register Rewards, which are just simply coupons.


Coupon Center

Do you know where to get the best in-store coupons? For CVS, if you guys have ever seen any of the coupon center printing machines in the middle of your store, start there. We always recommend that you curtail your shopping list based on what’s available. You can actually adjust your spending based on the offers available now, and you can scan, print, and enjoy all of those savings from the CVS coupon machines.

Walgreens makes it a little bit easier. For Walgreens, if you actually go onto walgreens.com, you’re going to find all of the coupons in terms of their Balance Rewards. You can clip them, which is amazing; it makes it very easy, and then they’re added to your account. And if you actually wanted to see a weekly ad, you have the ability to do that as well.


Don’t Stop at Just One Coupon

This is a multi-part saving strategy; whether it’s CVS or Walgreens, both retailers are more aggressive when it comes to coupons than pretty much any store in the country. They accept in-app coupons and CVS coupons at CVS, Walgreens coupons and email coupons at Walgreens, and then additional manufacture rebates and coupons.


Stack Coupons

At both CVS and Walgreens, you can use multiple coupons. It’s all laid out in their coupon acceptance terms. That means you can stack one manufacturer coupon and multiple store coupons for CVS and Walgreens on top of each other. It doesn’t matter in what order you present your coupons.

Obviously, you can’t use a Walgreens coupon at CVS and a CVS coupon at Walgreens. You can apply one manufacturer coupon and then countless CVS coupons on top of that.


Clearance Items

CVS is one of the only retailers in the country where manufacturer coupons can be used on clearance items. Not CVS or Walgreens in-store coupons, but manufacturer coupons can be used on products that have already been sent to clearance.


Buy One Get One Items

This is really important because when it comes to Buy One Get One items. You can actually double your savings and get two items for free at CVS, making them one of the only national retailers who permits this.

So when it comes to Buy One Get One free coupons at Walgreens, you only get to use one coupon. You buy one item, and you get the second one for free. You don’t get both items for free.

But at CVS, that’s actually possible. CVS will accept two Buy One Get One coupon for a product. So if you have a store coupon and the manufacturer coupon, “customer will receive both items for free.” That is rare, and it is in the terms and conditions for CVS. That is something not a lot of people know and, please make sure you are aware of this.


Don’t Overshoot Your Coupons

Don’t overshoot your coupons past the value of a product, and you’ll actually lose money. For example, if you see a product that’s $15.99 and you have a free $18 coupon, a lot of people think if you use the $18 coupon, CVS or Walgreens will give you the cashback upon checkout, almost as though you’re getting a refund. They don’t treat their coupons exactly like cash.

So, if the product has a lower value than the coupon, you don’t get any money back and actually lose quite a bit of money or quite a few Rewards Bucks.


Don’t Follow Only One Pharmacy Chain

You do all of your shopping at CVS doesn’t mean you’re actually getting the best deal on a prescription from them vs Walgreens or Rite Aid. The savings secret is actually a search engine where you can find the lowest price of a prescription and print free coupons. You can bring those coupons to your pharmacist, and you will enjoy massive savings potentially on your medicine.

Target Secret Clearance Deals

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If you’re a shopper looking for a secret coupon code that will save you a ton of money at CVS or Walgreens store, then here’s exactly what you’re looking for. Hope you have understood all the shopping secrets of CVS and Walgreens. So, use each and every coupon wisely and save big on your next purchase.

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