10 Shopping Secrets of Hobby Lobby

Do you want to save money on the things you need for your home, work, or family? Then you can visit Hobby Lobby stores. But do you know about their secrets? If not, check out our Hobby Lobby secrets for savings that you may have missed.

We listed 10 shopping secrets Hobby Lobby does not want you to know. From the super-secret markdown schedule to scoring a double sale based on the day of the week you shop. Plus, we’ll help you learn some serious price-matching hacks. You only take 5 mins to finish this article. So read on.

Shopping Secrets of Hobby Lobby

Know The Price Match

A lot of people are unaware that Hobby Lobby will price match and give you a direct competitor’s price for an identical item, as long as you print the competitor’s ad and bring it in with you. And that includes Michael’s and Joann’s. This price match hack applies to list prices, not percentage off prices, so if you see the exact DIY jewelry kit at Michael’s or Joann’s at a lower everyday price and Hobby Lobby is more expensive, you can choose to shop at whatever store you want. Just make sure you come equipped with that printed flyer.


Understand How Hobby Lobby Operates Around The Holidays

You should know how the hobby lobby works around holidays. For example. Let’s start with the 4th of July. Well, most stores will reduce their holiday decorations, which includes Mother’s Day, 4th of July, and Christmas, which we’ll explain in a moment, a day after that holiday passes. But Hobby Lobby typically reduces all of its items a week before that holiday. So that means you have a one-week advantage.


Store’s Return Policy

Store’s return policy to your advantage. There’s no doubt about it; the Hobby lobby has a decent return policy. You get 90 days to return with the receipt and 60 days without a receipt. But if for any reason you ordered or received your gift through hobbylobby.com, you never get a refund on the shipping charges if you try to make your return through the website.

So whenever possible, you want to bring your online purchases back into the store to deal with customer service. If you were shipped something that was incorrect or defective, ask the in-store customer service agent to also refund the online shipping charges.


Rent The Items

This often untapped section of the store is also an area from which you can rent. That’s right. If you don’t want to buy, you can also rent from the wedding section at a Hobby Lobby. While it is true, you can find some items that look like Hobby Lobby products at the Dollar Tree for a fraction of the cost, the frequently unmatched section of any Hobby Lobby is the wedding decor section. While the wedding products are not a great buy online due to the shipping fees. Hobby Lobby has incredible wedding decor, and they will also offer wedding rentals, which many people may not realize actually exists as an option.


Red Reduction Tags

Understand how Hobby Lobby red reduction tags really work. Many of us will get excited when we see that red reduction tag on a product at Hobby Lobby. You see a lot of that same product in a particular area, meaning there’s not exactly a huge fear of it selling out, don’t buy an item with just one red reduction tag on it. When Hobby Lobby is trying to move inventory a few days later, they will typically lower prices even further, which is indicated by a second read reduction tag on top of the first. The two red reduction tags typically mean you see an item at its low price.


Best Day And Time To Unlock The Most

Typically, every store has a more special day of the week from which to shop. For example, like in my Home Depot, Sunday is the prime day for that hardware giant. For Hobby Lobby, which is closed on Sundays, Saturday evenings as sometimes where you can shop from the sales for the upcoming week just by being in the store when those prices are posted. Not only is a Saturday night a quieter time to shop, but you lock in all of the discounts from the week to which that day is attached and the possibility of shopping the deals from the next week.


Don’t Fall For The Hype

If you see deals on furniture, wearable art, and custom framing, you are not exactly getting a discount. These items are constantly advertised as being on sale, while in actuality, there is not much of a reduction tied to all of these so-called great prices that you see in the store.


Exclusive Coupons

Hobby Lobby regularly offers exclusive coupons. Through their emails, you can receive updates about their latest sales, discounts, and special offers. Once you sign up for their emails, you can also see the discount code that you can use online.

With these coupons, you’ll find the best deals on the products you use every day. If you’re not sure what you need, you can always browse their store inventory to see if there are any products that are on sale.



A lot of people often categorize Hobby Lobby as more expensive than other retailers when it comes to home and wall decor, but it really depends on what week you’re shopping. The home and wall decor products are only competitively priced at Hobby Lobby every other week. So they essentially follow an AB-AB discount schedule, which is why if you shop on an off week, you won’t be overly impressed by the prices of the home and wall decor at Hobby Lobby.


Get Price Adjustment

Know how to get a price adjustment and work it to your advantage. Hobby Lobby offers a 14-day price adjustment guarantee. So let’s say you don’t want to pay any attention to that AB-AB schedule. Buy on an off week when items are at a higher price and possibly more widely available in your color choice or stock because we all know that when items are not on sale, they kind of just sit there on the shelf. Seek a price adjustment the week after when all of those items drop in price and are not as widely available, and you have 14 days to lock in the lower price.

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To be successful at shopping at Hobby Lobby, use these secrets. We’ve never met anyone who has known these secrets. We give you one more bonus tip for you. Suppose you are an educator, ambassador of a school, church, or charity. In that case, you can score a 10% off discount, which is actually quite good given the Hobby Lobby employee discount is only 15%.

We hope our article will help you to save time and money. Please share this article with your friends and family.


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