40 Smart Tips For Easy Saving

If you are looking for easy and fun ways to save money, our smart tips have some good suggestions to help you out. Our goal is to make it easy and fun for our readers to save money. That’s why we have written the Smart Tips for Easy Saving. These are short and sweet tips that will help you save money on a daily basis. There are 40 tips in all, and you’ll find them all right here.

smart tips for easy saving

Cook More Often

Prepare your meals yourself, and take them for your lunch break. This will prevent you from going through the necessarily more expensive restaurant, or even the canteen.


Plan Your Meals

Plan your meals in advance. To do this, prepare your shopping list for the whole week, and only buy what is written. Say goodbye to superfluous products that stay in the cupboard or end up in the trash because expired!


Set A Budget For Your Races

Having a limited budget helps you not to fall for sweets or little extras. It helps you to be selective and to make wise buying decisions. Selective? Yes, indeed! You see, when you are on a tight budget, you have to be very careful about what you buy. You can’t just go out and buy the latest fashions, the most popular books, or whatever else people are currently raving about. No!


Make Your Own Coffee

Rather than buying coffee every morning when you arrive at your workplace or college, have it brewed at home. Pour it into a transportable mug, take it and you’re done.


Enjoy Discount Coupons

Do you receive tons of coupons? Don’t throw them away without taking a look, they can save you some money on your shopping list.


Take Advantage Of Promotions

Consider buying everyday products in large quantities. And wait for promotions in supermarkets, instead of buying them at full price every time.


Invite Your Friends To Your Home

Organize meals with friends at home more often. You save a restaurant and you have a great time, delighted that we are ecstatic over your Provencal chicken.


Avoid Waste

Don’t throw away your leftovers. Freeze them raw or already cooked and you’ll have handy, free meals for the next time.


Go To The Market Often

Buy your fruits and vegetables on the farm or at the market. The quality is better, they are in season and you often pay less for them.


Create A Vegetable Garden

Why not create a mini vegetable garden at home? Give it a try, and grow your own fruits and vegetables.


Go On Foot Or By Bike

Use your bike and your feet to get out on the town or go to work. Less fuel for the car and better shape for you!


Think Of Car-Running

Do you know of friends or colleagues who make the same trip as you? Take the road together. At the end of the year, the savings can be significant.


Check Your Car Regularly

Regular checks on your car are the assurance of a controlled car budget. Good regular maintenance can avoid big expenses.


Prefer Public Transport

Take the train, metro or bus. That’s as much gasoline that you don’t put in your car. It’s greener, and you don’t have a parking problem, which is very expensive in some cities.


Travel At A Lower Price

Before planning your trip, take advantage of the good deals on the internet to book your plane tickets or your hotels.


Resell Your Clothing

Consider reselling your clothes on the internet or in thrift stores if they no longer fit, and your children’s clothes are getting too small.


Prefer To Buy Second-Hand Branded Clothing

Second-hand branded clothes are sold off, but they are of good quality and last a long time.


Wait For Sales

You will be happy to have waited for sales or private sales to get the clothes you want at a better price.


Don’t Forget To Turn Off Your Standby Devices

Switch off the TV when you’re not watching it, a simple and economical gesture. Ditto for the multifunction socket that turns off all your devices.


Delete Your Fixed Line

The world has changed. A mobile subscription to pay is more than enough.


Reduce Your Tv Subscription

You may not need 200 channels. There too, there are savings to be made, without really depriving yourself. A quick phone call to the operator is sometimes enough to save money.


Go To The Museum For Free

On the first Sunday of each month, some museums are free, take advantage! This is the opportunity to go out with friends or family


Practice Sporting Activities For Free

Don’t pay for the gym anymore. You can go for yoga or jogging in the open air. It’s 100% free.


Think Of The Benefits Of Your Work

You can go out by taking advantage of your restaurant tickets, your cinema tickets offered by the works council, etc. which are partially paid for by your employer.


Go To The Media Center Often

Rather than always buying new books, go borrow them from the media library or library near you.


Prefer To Buy Second Hand Books

If you love to read, you can buy your used books. And you sell them once read, to close the loop.


Withdraw Your Cash In Your Own Bank

Always go and withdraw your money from your bank’s ATM. You will be able to avoid any charges that may apply beyond a certain number of withdrawals.


Check Your Insurance Contracts

You may no longer need to insure your car under the “All risks” formula if it is old. For your home insurance, compare the different options, choose the ones that are really useful to you in relation to your equipment. In short, adapt your contracts to your needs and your lifestyle.


Record All Your Expenses For A Month

This will help you realize unnecessary expenses and limit them. You will have less stress for the next few months.


Sell Everything That Is No Longer Used At Home

Are certain objects, furniture, or household appliances cluttering up your home? Reselling them will earn you some money to spend on your hobbies.


Take A Roommate

You have an unused room: rent it to a student or to someone you know. This will allow you to earn extra money, you will have company and that empty room will remain serviced.


Insulate Your Home

Fill in all the cracks, change your old windows and insulate the walls of your interior. The savings are impressive in winter.



Program The Heating

You are not there during the day, but do not want to return in the evening in a freezing accommodation? Decide what hours you want to heat your home. You will significantly reduce your consumption.


Use Low Consumption Bulbs

Your electricity bill will be lower with LED bulbs which consume less energy and last longer.


Dry Your Laundry In The Open Air

If you have good exposure, take advantage of the sun to dry your clothes. Goodbye dryer! 2 hours to dry 3 towels and 2 T-shirts is not very ecological or economical.


Use Sodium Bicarbonate To Clean Your Interior

Baking soda or white vinegar is cheaper and more effective than household products bought in supermarkets. Try you will see!


Do Not Throw Away Your Boxes Of Shoes

Keep your shoe boxes to store your important papers. You can also use them as a packing box to ship clothes or items that you no longer need.


Please Your Lovers With Your Creativity

Do you have a particular talent? Knitting, painting, costume jewelry, green fingers … Make your own gifts for your loved ones. It will have more sentimental value and save you money during the holidays.


Keep A Piggy Box Ready

Every day, make a habit of putting change in your piggy bank. When the time comes, you will be happy to have savings.


In conclusion, here are some of the top 40 ways to save money on daily life, ranging from food, to entertainment, to transport. The main purpose of this article is to provide readers with an idea of how they can start saving money on their day-to-day living. There is no need for you to spend money when you don’t have to!

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