Target Secret Clearance Deals

Want to know where you can get the best clearance deals at Target? Then this is the place for you! We’ll tell you where to look, what to look for, and how to take advantage of these deals to the fullest.

The clearance section of any retail store is often overlooked. However, with a little savvy shopping, you can uncover hidden treasures that are almost too good to be true. These deals are often referred to as “Target Secret Clearance Deals” because the retailer who put them on their shelves don’t want them found by their competitors. They are virtually invisible until you learn to recognize them. In this article, we’re going to give you the tips you need to become a pro at finding these deals.

Target Secret Clearance Deals

70% Off

If you see a sign that says 70% off, that is likely the best they will do, unless it’s a 90% off deal tied to certain points of the year. But there is generally no such thing for your everyday shopping as a deal that truly is better than 70% off at Target. So if you see an item reduced to that extent, it’s often removed from the store afterward, liquidated elsewhere, or donated. If you see 70% often and it’s not around a holiday, this is the best deal you can find at target.


Horizontal End Caps

It’s all about the side horizontal end caps at Target. Target has these weird side-end caps that face a different direction. And that is where you will find many of the top clearance deals. So this is the first place Target will place many of its best clearance deals. Look at the bottom left-hand side of the lower shelves as well as on these side end caps. If you see a yellow clearance sticker, unlike other stores that just use a special clearance section or the end caps, Target’s use of the side end caps often reveals where many of the top stashed deals reside in the store.


Unlucky Clearance Numbers

target clearence deals price tag

Different people have favorite, unlucky, and lucky numbers. At Target, It’s an eight and a six. And these numbers are generally considered unlucky in the clearance cycle because if you see a six or eight at the end, it’s crucial to know that another markdown is only days away.


Fewer Deals Clearance On Weekends

Target hates the weekend. We all look forward to the weekend. We all love that time with family. It’s also a good opportunity to deal with errands and store pickups when you’re not working. But at Target, on the weekend, you will rarely see clearance deals. Weekends equal weak at Target.

If you can’t find clearance deals at Target on the weekend, consider the online clearance section of target.com. Well, the physical stores don’t generally have their clearance sections replenished on weekends. Target.com. Online clearance is alive and well, and sometimes the online clearance section has better stock.


Best Days

If you want a really big bargain, Monday is the day of the week where you will see kid clothing and electronics deals.

On Tuesday, Target posts its clearance deals and reduces prices on women’s clothing that does not include lingerie or shoes and pet supplies. So Tuesday is for the ladies and the dogs and cats and hamsters or whatever else it is that you have.

Men’s clothing is reduced on Wednesdays. Garden and lawn items are also reduced on Wednesdays. And toy clearance deals are posted on Wednesday.

Thursday is the best day of the week to score home goods, lingerie, home goods, sporting goods, home decor, which is different than home goods apparently, and shoes for both men, women, and kids.

On Friday, Target posts its best deals for TGI, cosmetics, jewelry, and car products savings. It’s a strange breakdown of deals, but if you’re wondering why this would happen on the same day as this, a lot of the clearance section deals are tied to crowd control.


Yellow Stickers

Understand those yellow stickers. In fact, anytime you see a sticker at Target, make sure it’s not the repackage stickers. Repackage stickers are often returned that don’t offer any real discount. Sometimes there might be a nominal discount on those repackaged stickers if indicated that you see throughout the store.

But this is just someone that has returned something, and Target is now trying to move that stock along. Sometimes a box is damaged, and then it is, in fact, repackaged. The yellow clearance stickers, which are sometimes indistinguishable from those repackaged stickers, bring real discounts. When we go into Target, we’re going in to see red, but yellow is, in fact, the best color you can find.


Luckiest Number

Four is your luckiest number. If you see a number four in a price tag at Target, this means final clearance. So, in addition to that 70% off markdown that was mentioned before.


Ticketed and Non-Ticketed

Know the difference between ticketed and non-ticketed clearance items. Ticketed clearance items have the yellow sticker and are scattered through the store, but there’re other clearance sections inside a Target where none of the items in these sections have any markdowns on the specific item. That means they are non-ticketed. There is no sticker, no price. These sections, which are typically harder to find, might have a 50 or 60% off banner above the section with little fine print that says additional markdown taken at register. So these are non-ticketed items, and they actually follow a holiday markdown schedule.


Multiple Stages

There’re multiple stages of clearance tied primarily to a holiday schedule. Stage one, stage two, and stage three at Target are generally exemplified by stickers that are placed on top of each other. So you can quickly see a product in a holiday clearance section and understand whether or not it’s at its final markdown. One clearance sticker, stage one. A clearance sticker on top of a clearance sticker stage two. And if you see three clearance stickers all on top of each other, you will know that a product is at its final stage of a holiday markdown schedule.


Holiday Clearance

During the holidays, there is yet another reduction schedule to follow. Stage one of the holiday clearance markdown schedule occurs one day after a major holiday. You’ll save 50% off any non-food product and 30% off any holiday food product. So keep your eye on these sections one day after the holiday. Clearance markdown stage two happens four days after a major holiday, and in this case, you will save 70% off non-food products and 50% off food products.

Stage three happens seven days after a holiday. So whether it’s 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving Valentine’s day decorations, or Halloween decor, mark your shopping calendars for seven days after that holiday, where the non-food items will be marked down by 90% and seven days after that holiday, the food-related products will be marked down 70%.


Best Time For Kids

A lot of people think when they see the Target sale for toys right around Christmas, they are getting this deal, but that is absolutely not true. The official Target holiday clearance sale happens in January and July. The savings on toys at Target during those two points of the year.

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All of the advice prior to the holiday markdown schedules, that if things are up to 70% off, you’re generally doing the best you can. And you’ll also know that by looking at price tags that have specific numbers in the areas in which you need to look in a store. That’s easy. The holiday markdown schedule is complicated, but you don’t need to worry about that every day when you’re shopping at Target.

We hope our article will keep you up to date with all the latest clearance sales and secret clearance deals at your favorite retailer. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends & family.


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