Tips to Get a Free Return at Amazon

Many retailers do not clearly disclose their return policies. This can cause confusion and frustration for many consumers. In fact, some consumers actually think a retailer with a high “customer satisfaction” rating has a liberal return policy. But it’s not the truth.

When you are trying to do a legit return, sometimes a lot of doubt and confusion may arise by the time you make it up to the customer service center. And, you won’t get a free return for every product.

So here in this article, we will give you one big trick to return a product on Amazon that will save you serious cash and time.

tips to get a free return at amazon

Amazon Return Policy

The Amazon Return Policy is crucial for both buyers and sellers. The policy allows buyers to send back items within thirty days of purchase. The seller should also follow the time frame for returning the items, which usually ranges from 30 to 90 days.

Some items, however, are not returnable. Some products are hazardous or flammable and must be returned in their original condition. Some of the items you cannot return are electronics, Kindle devices, and computers. Grocery items are not eligible for refunds, and there are several exceptions.

So, Amazon does not actually have a good return policy, in our opinion. If you actually look at Amazon’s return policy, we need to keep in mind that they do sell from merchants and resellers all over the world, and it’s kind of hard to keep everything in the same line.

Many products on Amazon have a signifier of free returns which means you can send the item back as long as it’s within the return window completely for free. They do have a 30-day return window. But a lot of us are actually paying to send those returns back to Amazon.

When you return a product, a few return reasons like “inaccurate website description” or “item defective or doesn’t work,” Amazon will cover your return shipping. But for a lot of other reasons like it is no longer needed, you are going to be hit with a huge return price.


Tips to Get a Free Return at Amazon

We will give you a quick trick to actually spare you overpaying for a return that may just simply be legit. This quick trick will actually do a better job with your returns.

So, here is the trick, when you add products to your shopping cart, mark the item as a gift. Now, we are not saying to exploit this vulnerability and mark every item as a gift. But perhaps many of the items that we buy are actually legitimately a gift. So, if you mark it as a gift, even if it is going to your address and you are actually getting a much better return policy.

Because you can send the item back without paying the return shipping. You can drop the product off without paying any additional fees, but it really involves a little bit more of a search in terms of how you’re going to return your product.


Some Alternative Stores with Good Return Policy

Now, before going to the Amazon return policy secrets, we will quickly break down the stores with the best return policies.


Nordstrom has an amazing free shipping and free return policy where they will take any item back ever with or without a receipt. But you should never take advantage of the system if you don’t have to. That obviously ruins it for future orders and customers, and you can get blacklisted.


If you do have a return this holiday season, IKEA has a no-nonsense return policy. Although we hate their shipping fees online. If you do have an IKEA store near you, they have a 365 day return period. Also, they do encourage you to keep your receipts safe for future returns.

IKEA will let you return any product even if you’ve assembled it as long as it’s unused and in a resalable condition. Now that doesn’t really make any sense because obviously if you’ve assembled the item, it’s technically used, but IKEA is cutting you a break on that.


Zappos gives you free shipping and free returns all year long. So, for example, if you were shopping for shoes from them, you can return from anywhere in the US for 365 days if you are not a hundred percent satisfied. This is for unworn merchandise, so if you wear your shoes and run a couple of miles, you’d be violating that return policy.

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When you buy the majority of your goods on Amazon makes your shopping easier, but when it comes to returning, it might be a nightmare. This is mainly because of the returning charge. Why would you need to spend twenty or thirty dollars on sending the item back because it did not appeal to you? However, this simple trick we mentioned above can actually be beneficial for you.

Secondly, always check the return policy before buying a product. These two tricks will give you a better Amazon shopping experience.

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