Walmart Plus Vs. Amazon Prime: Which One is Better?

You have heard about Walmart Plus, but you never really thought too much about it. So we are wondering if it is actually worth subscribing to?

Well, you know that if you buy something at the grocery store that it will cost you way more than buying the same thing at Amazon. But what we hadn’t really thought about was the difference between Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime. So I wanted to find out what the real differences were between them.

In this article, I’m going to explain all the ways in which Walmart Plus is different from Amazon Prime. So read on…

Walmart Plus vs Amazon Prime


Let’s discuss the price. The price for Walmart Plus is going to be virtually identical to Amazon Prime. You’re looking at a five cents per month difference. If you are a Prime member, you pay $12.99 per month. If you are a Walmart Plus member, you pay that minus five cents, which is $12.94 per month.


Scan and Go

The other perks of the Walmart Plus program include an in-store shopping experience that Walmart actually launched a couple of years ago. This is called Scan and Go. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to deal with annoying people, or you don’t want to deal with crowds, or you don’t like to wait long through the lines. The Scan and Go experience allows you to pay for a product using your Walmart app and your Walmart Plus membership. Then never deal with a cashier or the checkout line.



The other benefit of the Walmart Plus membership is that you will get extensive discounts passed along directly to you, specifically for groceries. Now, the grocery delivery tied to Walmart is one of the most popular shopping experiences for people, which we saw earlier this year when people didn’t want to leave their homes, and that might actually return to being a reality. A lot of people do not want to shop in public for groceries.

Now, Amazon dominates around 26% of the grocery online shopping experience. Walmart around 30%. And while Walmart stocks around 160,000 different products, Amazon has 3 million.


Discounts on Gas

Perhaps one of the other biggest advantages of the Walmart Plus membership is that you also get rewards and discounts on gas. Through a partnership with Murphy USA, Walmart is going to be extending fuel discounts to Walmart Plus members.

And one of the other greatest things about that is if you do have a Walmart fuel or service station in your community, you do not need to do anything other than joining this membership to score those exclusive fuel discounts.


Prime Video

Amazon does throw in free movies, TV events, and tons of original programming, giving you access to more than half a million shows, which is obviously a significant benefit of Prime Video.

Although we know plenty of people that would just rather watch Netflix and don’t use this. But there’s a lot of kid’s programming, which will be very beneficial for your household.


Prime Reading

The Prime members reading free is a nice perk, especially if you’ve got students in your household. You do get some great offers at no additional cost from audible, comic books, children’s books, and so on.


Unlimited Free Photo Storage

One of the best things is that if you take a lot of photos, you will get that unlimited free photo storage with your Prime membership. If you do shoot video and photos on a Fire tablet or device of that nature, you get some additional perks.


Early Access To Prime Deals

You can actually skip the virtual lines and get deals as they are released. You will get early access to a lot of the Prime deals, which is great.


Amazon Family

But one of the best perks of your Prime membership is Amazon Family, where Prime members save 20% on diapers and baby food when they have five or more subscriptions arriving. So, that is a huge thing if you are a parent.



You are familiar with Prime; one of the huge perks of the Prime membership program is that you get free two-day shipping. Walmart is planning to up that with the promise that you will get free one-day shipping.

But Amazon will give you free same-day delivery as part of your Prime membership on more than 3 million items. And this really is the case unless you’re ordering something from a third-party seller.

Walmart is telling you that they will give you free same-day shipping whenever possible on their stock, but that’s only if that stock is available at your local Walmart. So, if you happen to live in an area or a city where there are not that many Walmart’s or the Walmart stores are a little bit smaller or you’re trying to purchase something that’s a specialty item, and your actual purchase will require a minimum spend of $35. So, that is a disadvantage to Walmart Plus.

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Now, when you hear me list all of these Amazon Prime membership perks, and then I list three or four for Walmart, you guys might say you would definitely go with Amazon. But the answer shouldn’t be that simple.

It’s a matter of convenience. It’s a matter of prices. It’s not about whether or not you like a store or you love the people that work there. It’s about how much money can you really save your family?

If you look at the advantages just side by side, the ability to ditch crowds may be a serious perk. The gas savings is significant. And then the free same-day shipping on all sorts of products is a phenomenal thing, assuming you make a lot of your purchases from Walmart.

But with that being said, it depends on which area you really need to save money. If it’s on gas, then you should go with Walmart Plus. And, if it’s on entertainment and family savings, then Amazon Prime will be the right pick.

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